Thought this one was pretty cool..

A pair of mountain bikes. A bunch of frame bags. A couple of GoPro cameras. The rumour of a bothy. A map. All we needed was a plan. But we don’t like plans. We like adventures. Plans are restrictive. Adventures are fun. Ed and I had a couple of days free to spend entirely on bikes somewhere. We chose to go to north Wales. Near enough to get to. Far enough away to feel remote. We chose a start point and a place to stay overnight. The place was a bothy in Snowdonia that we had stumbled across whilst doing a bit of Googling one night. That was the full extent of our ‘plan’. We were going to explore unknown-to-us tracks and trails between our start point and our bothy. We had bikes that could go anywhere; singletrack, fireroad, road, rock, mud, moorland, woodland, wilderness, civilisation, up, down, along, over and through. We didn’t have any limitations on the sort of terrain we could deal with. All we needed to do was get to the bothy before nightfall. Find the bothy. And hope it was open. You can have some awfully big adventures when all you have to do all day is go for an explore on your bike.

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