Embracing Minimalism

In news that may shock those of you who have known me a while, I’ve started downsizing substantially, removing much of the extraneous stuff from my life as much as possible.

All of my CDs, DVDs, games that I’ve finished and books I am not going to read have either been sent away or are listed for sale and waiting for a new home.

For many years I’ve been accumulating “stuff” that I thought would either fulfil a need or would make me happy, only for the excitement to quickly wear off and leave me wanting something else.

One lazy Sunday afternoon I found myself watching a number of documentaries on Netflix, including “Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things” and one about tiny houses. It’s fair to say that they were a bit of a wakeup call and I’ve been spending the past couple of months wading through the crap on a number of levels.

Some tips

Whilst this is probably of more use to fellow UK folks, there’s a few things that I’ve realised since I started downsizing. First of all, it’s really quite difficult to get rid of physical media now, particularly as Amazon has tightened up its rules on who can sell CDs & DVDs on their Marketplace. One of the few options left is Music Magpie, who pay a pittance but will at least send a courier or pay for shipping.

The second thing is, getting rid of the DVDs and embracing streaming services can be quite liberating. If you are like me you may end up watching the same thing a number of times, but streaming services allow you to expand your horizons without too much risk. I’ve watched a number of things that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise –particularly documentaries on minimalism.

Thirdly, public libraries are great. You can borrow books to your heart’s content and give them back when you are done. If they don’t have what you want, many of them will order it in. Also, if like me you spend a lot of time on a laptop in coffee shops, libraries offer an alternative venue that doesn’t expect you to keep buying coffee & cake…

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