The importance of journaling

Whether you are a particularly busy person or not, our minds often wind up trying to juggle strings of unconnected, fragmented thoughts.

We will ruminate to the point of distraction, taking away energy better spent on the job in hand.

Sometimes those thoughts play heavy on your mind, unwelcome thoughts that serve only to depress or make you anxious.

If you have someone to bounce your ideas off it can certainly help, but sometimes we need to see things in black & white to start unpicking the fragments and arrange them into something that makes sense.


Whilst it is difficult to beat a good quality diary and a good pen, keeping a digital journal has numerous benefits.

I’ve been using DayOne for many years now. Aside from it benefiting from encryption and a passcode/touchID lock, it will pull your GPS data, or the data from any photo you choose to add. It’ll also pull in any music you are listening to, your step count and a whole host of other snippets of information that you may not think you need right now.

However, the app is less important than the process of getting the information out of your head.

Write, just blurt everything out –anything that comes to mind. It doesn’t matter what it is, or whether it directly follows the previous thought in the chronology. Just get it out and you can shuffle it around later. It may end up looking like a to-do list, but that’s just fine.

It helps to close those loops. To help you see the ridiculousness of thoughts endlessly repeating in your head, or the life-changing epiphany you’ve been wrestling with for some time.

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