Hi, I’m Gavin. For a long time I’ve occupied my spare time getting neck-deep in all manner of side-projects. Whilst my day-to-day is spent in an office, my downtime is spent keeping my mind occupied.

I cycle a lot, exploring as much of Wales and the UK as my legs will allow. Many of the photos you see here are from my travels. However, leading up to this point I have been building computers; finding my way around linux; taking photos and selling the prints; not to mention writing about my discoveries along the way.

With so many interests I need some way to keep everything organised. All of the drafts and published articles; the reading material I’ve accumulated in an effort to learn more; the photographs I’ve taken and the things I’ve put on the back-burner until I find myself at a loose end.

For a number of years I’ve been using Evernote. It offers the flexibility to be all-things to all people, but it’s easy to get off on the wrong foot with it. You wind up hoarding things you can’t find later, or duplicating things to fit in different compartments. I’m going to try to share the ways I’ve found that Evernote fits into my life.

Of course, I don’t yet know everything there is to know, but if you would like to join me on that journey, why not join me in the Evernote Community?

You can usually find me at my main site, Cardiff By Bike

Thanks for stopping by.