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More wisdom from the School of Life.

Back when I was a young boy, there was a programme on TV called The Fall & Rise of Reginald Perrin. It was a series that ran from 1976-1979 but was repeated on terrestrial TV during the 80s and 90s.

It concerns the exploits of a Mr Reginald Perrin, a middle-manager who becomes disillusioned with his lot in life and proceeds to fake his own death, in the hope of starting over.

However, each time, with each new life his discontent returns and he finds himself in the same place, sometimes physically, but always spiritually.

It takes a lot of effort to change course, to avoid ploughing the same furrow, but unless we do, the outcome is always going to be the same.

On travel as a cure for discontent… –Alastair Humphries

A lot of wisdom here. I’ve often travelled to places thinking it may be somewhere better to live; that moving there may somehow make my life more fulfilled.

It could be that I’m adaptable and that I could try to make the best of it anywhere I go.

On the other hand, it could just mean that I subconsciously believe that relocating will somehow bring me closer to contentment.

I guess the goal is to find contentment in the here and now; to realise that our minds already offer more than enough space to explore and grow; and that for better or worse, it is with you wherever you go.

Another big Brexit short…

Now we’re getting to the bottom of why some people are so keen to see Brexit happen…

Hell of a thread, this.

Pro-European Conservatives Join U.K. Group to Counter Brexiteers – Bloomberg

Underlining the frustration in Berlin with the situation, Deputy German Foreign Minister Michael Roth on Saturday accused “90 percent” of the British cabinet of having “no idea how workers think, live, work and behave” because they were “born with silver spoons in their mouths.”

Source: Pro-European Conservatives Join U.K. Group to Counter Brexiteers – Bloomberg

Spot on.

‘We’re doomed’: Mayer Hillman on the climate reality no one else will dare mention –via The Guardian

As plough headlong into my forties, attention has switched to preparing for life as a pensioner a few decades ahead.

However, as time goes on I’m becoming less and less convinced that we humans have another 25-30 years left in us.

Global emissions were static in 2016 but the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was confirmed as beyond 400 parts per million, the highest level for at least three million years (when sea levels were up to 20m higher than now). Concentrations can only drop if we emit no carbon dioxide whatsoever, says Hillman. “Even if the world went zero-carbon today that would not save us because we’ve gone past the point of no return.”

Source: ‘We’re doomed’: Mayer Hillman on the climate reality no one else will dare mention | Environment | The Guardian

We won’t change course –there’s too much money tied up in maintaining the status quo. Too much tied up in extracting fossil fuels and in removing manual labour from our lives.

We’re not very good at dealing with existential threats when we are conditioned to prioritise our own social status over all else. We will take work, even if it is contributing to our own demise.

Our actions rarely align to our narratives. We talk about saving the world, but we don’t change what we do. I’ve no doubt the planet will be fine long after us, but we humans are presiding over the Holocene Extinction and have been for centuries.

What have we changed? Oh, we’ve started netting hedgerows so birds can’t nest. What the hell?!

‘Skint’ Nigel Farage’s company assets grew almost £400k last year | Politics | The Guardian

Thorn in the Side Ltd, of which Farage is the sole director, had assets of £548,573 for the year to May 2018 – a substantial jump from assets of just over £157,000 recorded for the previous year.

Source: ‘Skint’ Nigel Farage’s company assets grew almost £400k last year | Politics | The Guardian

I presume “Pain in the arse Ltd” was already taken.