The first snows…

It’s not often we get substantial snowfall here. We get a lot of rain here in Cardiff, but rarely do conditions give us a dusting of snow that sticks.

Today is one of those rare days, the first of this winter that have produced anything. Fortunately it is a Sunday, the perfect day for foraging for kindling for the wood burner and rocksalt for the path.

It has been snowing a little while now, but it is melting just as quick as it falls. Still, Castell Coch never fails to provide a postcard-worthy shot.

The Carnival of Dreams – Ian Ruhter

The Carnival of Dreams is a short film based on the unforeseen events that transpired over a 48 hour period in a magical place called Slab City where Ian Ruhter and Will Eichelberger set out to make the world’s largest Ambrotype. In the midst of this larger 3 year project to photograph and film the community a spontaneous visit by Gary Oldman to Ruhter and our crew in the field revealed something far greater than the process that brought everyone together. As Oldman and Ruhter focus their cameras on each other the plates unveiled a beautiful friendship. The photographs made also revealed a hidden truth about the people who stand by our side and allow us to see the beauty that’s in front of us. The Carnival of Dreams captures this bond between colleagues, friends, loved ones and soulmates and a process that takes place within this journey. Carnival of Dreams Credits: Directed by Lauren Vance Director of Photography, Robin Fenlon Camera #2 Ian Beaudoux Editors: Shannon Burnham, Daniela Kelley McInerney, Victor June, Jr. Special Thanks: Builder Bill and the Slab City Community, Laboratory Arts Collective, & Sony Electronics.