Brexit 3: Globalists vs Nationalists, with Stephen Fry

Another great little video from Stephen Fry. There’s a few of these now, found at the Pindex Youtube channel.

I’m going to go out on a limb here. I understand why people voted for Brexit and for Trump, thinking it would change the status quo.

It may do that, but not for the benefit of the people most in need of that change. If you read between the lines, the biggest winners from Brexit will be the hedge-fund managers currently betting against the UK.

Honest Trailers – Jurassic Park 3


Having watched Jurassic Park 3 at the cinema many years ago, my over-riding memory of the experience was irritation at a cast of largely inept characters who somehow manage to escape the jaws of death each and every time.

However, over the years my opinion has softened. I now look at it fondly, knowing the depths the franchise has sunk to since.

Why is it so hard to buy a house?

Russell Howard nails it here. However, housing is just one part of a very unsettling picture that seems to be emerging.

Houses may be difficult to buy now, but the road ahead is looking bleak. There has been little incentive to save for so long that few of us have any money to fall back on; many of us are dependent on apps and “gig economy” work to pay the bills and what little housing there is is being rented back to us by people who have all of the money; are immune from the economic rollercoaster and are not worried about having a roof over their head.

The prospect of limited housing; compressed wages and mountains of debt make me fear for the future.

Delete your Facebook…

I’ve long had a love/hate relationship with Facebook. For a while its ubiquity made it useful for keeping up with old friends, but it and other networks like it have for many replaced genuine interactions.

Whether you are sat on the bus, or walking through town, if you are looking straight ahead or even at the world around you, you are likely to stand out. Everyone else is staring intently at their phones.

For a while I was one of these people, but it took longer than I would care to admit to realise just how much of my life I was wasting in the pursuit of these superficial displays of affection or acknowledgements.

“Likes” are worthless. They are nothing compared to real, human contact.

They are certainly not a worthwhile exchange for my personal data; my preferences or my mental wellbeing.